Personal Trainer

Hello, I’m Brett, and I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach accredited by ISSA. My expertise lies in hypertrophy training, fat loss, and strength and conditioning. In my coaching approach, I focus on cultivating healthy behaviors and adopting a more flexible mindset, avoiding the “good” versus “bad” dichotomy often seen in fitness coaching. My goal is to create a gym environment that’s safe and welcoming, where everyone can view it as an enjoyable place for making healthy progress.

I’ve had an inspiring journey. I moved to Philadelphia after full-time RV travel across the country. I prioritized my health, leading to an impressive weight loss of around 100 pounds. I started with small home workouts and walks, and I’ve gained both confidence and happiness. 

While I’m still a work in progress, I love the way I feel now. My main goal with clients is to boost their health and confidence, mirroring the transformation I’ve experienced. I know what it’s like to be unhappy with how you look in the mirror. If you’re in that position, come to the gym and let’s work together!

Certifications: ISSA certified personal trainer and nutrition coach