Personal Trainer

Hi there, my name is Joel and I’m a Personal Trainer at SWEAT FITNESS! I began my relationship with fitness back in 2007 with a focus on calisthenics and then slowly integrating weight training into my program. 

As I progressed, I naturally wanted to see others experience the same joy I received from setting goals and attaining them! It has been my experience in personal training and a MOTO for any and everyone (no matter what your body type, level of fitness or goal’s) to TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT!  

If you workout consistently, it’s a given that you will see results!  Those results will vary depending on any number of factors; Some of which are in your control—others aren’t; But ultimately you have the opportunity to improve your level of health by simply committing to some sort of program. So, are you ready? Train with me TODAY and begin your fitness journey towards moving, feeling and looking better!

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer