Personal Trainer

I have been teaching for Sweat Fitness for 22 years, since its inception and now under new ownership. I’m a licensed social worker by profession and fitness and wellness go hand in hand.  I became certified in HIIT and Kickboxing to broaden my teaching beyond Spinning, which I have been doing since 1996 when it first came to Philadelphia from New York City.  At the age of 66, I continue to be passionate about engaging, connecting, and empowering individuals through the different classes – allowing them to pace themselves and not be afraid to challenge themselves to that next level. 

I have a Master’s in Social Work and work as the Senior Director for the City of Philadelphia. My Mini Cooper is full of equipment that I take on the road when I do pop-up park workouts, or conduct home visits for the child welfare system and offer to do a work out with the children and youth I am visiting.  

 My hope is to help individuals connect their minds, spirit and bodies, particularly those who have struggled with body image, experienced trauma in their lives, or have been adversely impacted by world events.  I am also about the music and the creativity of workouts to keep people engaged, motivated, and left spirited after a workout.

Professional Qualifications:  Masters in Social Work, License in Social Work, Johnny G Spinning Certification; ISSA Personal Training Certification and ExpertRating Kickboxing Training Certification: Master Sifu Wong