Luke Shechtman

Personal Trainer

I chose coaching  as a career in 2002.  Prior to that I was a Pennsylvania State, runner up in high school wrestling and pole-vaulted at the University of Delaware.

I am a father of 2, a connoisseur of music, books and movies as well as a health and fitness expert for the past 20 years. My experience and
credentials have allowed  me to deliver a service that is effective but also educational, safe and fun. My primary goal in reference to incoming clients is to not only enhance their health and physical
performance but also to increase self efficacy and confidence in any exercise environment.

I have trained individuals from all demographics, including elite athletes, children and the disabled. I have worked in a gym setting but have also excelled as the Fitness director for Jefferson Hospitals Integrative Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Master in Public Health and Physical Activity, BA in Health and Exercise Science with a Minor in Psychology of Coaching

Professional Qualifications: Professionally accredited with the
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Certs: CSCS, CSPS, TSAC, XPS, XFS, Yoga and Kettlebells